Summer seems to be coming to a close. Though, in my case, I’m hoping that the sun starts to pop through the clouds here in San Francisco and I’ll finally get to see this Indian summer everyone keeps blabbing about. Another thing that’s really throwing me off… I’m not heading back to school for the first time in 20 something years.

Here I am, with a degree in Business, living in San Francisco, and working a service job. I have really nothing to complain about. I’ve found an amazing apartment that doesn’t cost an arm, a leg and a kidney. It’s as easy to meet people here as it is to run into a crazy situation on Muni (stories to come). My only downfall is my slow-moving ways about the job hunt.

Today is the day, and this week is the week. The real job search begins now… my deadline Thanksgiving. Wish me luck.

UCSC Graduation June 15, 2013

UCSC Graduation June 15, 2013


My best friend just got a new job with a start up here in San Francisco. Shock.


This certain company is known as Luvocracy. The main idea is that of Pinterest’s. Things that you “Luv” are pinned to your wall. If someone buys something from one of the links on your profile you make a slight amount of commission.


I recommend checking it out.

My new obsession,”Munchies,” this video series produced by Vice! You must check it out. This series previews different up-and-coming chefs throughout the nation. They show the camera crew around their own establishment and then take them to their favorite eateries. Looking past food, I really admire and am fascinated with the food industry in general. Enjoy…